Hospitality and Hope

What is hope? Here are just a few ideas to consider …..

Hope is the start of the walk of faith. Hope believes you can have it someday. Faith believes that you have it now (in your heart). Hope is the possibility; faith is the surety. Hope is the raw material from which faith builds the house. Along with faith and love, hope is an enduring virtue of the Christian life (1 Corinthians 13:13).The biblical definition of hope is “confident expectation.” Hope is a firm assurance regarding things that are unclear and unknown (Romans 8:24-25)

Are our pupils Global citizens?
As part of the cross curricular overview we plan to learn about a range of countries, finding out how our actions affect others such as through pollution, poor waste management, de-forestation and non-fair trade for a range of foods.

                       The journey that spices take – is it a fair price?

At Eyam we celebrated ‘Share a pencil day’ last year as you can see from our Worship pages – the theme was taken from one of the World development Goals; to show hope to others across the globe by considering how our actions affect others. We had fun sharing pencils but learnt that some children a pencil is a treasured item and paper just as precious.

This links with British values such as individual liberty for all, rule of law and how unfair rues can cause harm and sadness for families across the world, democracy – especially for women, mutual respect for others what ever their social status where they live and tolerance for those with different beliefs to your own.

We subscribe to Picture News as well as First News, both giving children weekly reading and reflection on what is in the news both in the UK and across the world and how this effects our lives here as well as the lives of others.

Do we work with the local community to inspire hope?

  • We do work with the local village community by sharing our work in the village magazine and taking part in local celebrations and community events such as Remembrance, Easter Lent walks, Folk festivals and being an active member of the Village Forum group.
  • We take part in a monthly afternoon of music and fellowship through participating in ‘Music for the mind’ a local group who meet, chat, have tea and sing songs together – its part of a recent village initiative to be a dementia friendly village.
  • The Head teacher works with both local secondary schools to ensure that the y6 Leavers settle into Year 7 and if not she is involved in working more closely with families and the schools.
  • We work with the local LEA Environment department to set an example for recycling and reusing – leading our community in new initiatives such as the use of Fair trade refreshments. We also work with local Rangers to promote our Eco flag status, cleaning out the pond and learning how to care for the forest environment near school.

Our School vision for hope

In the Bible the overall story of forgiveness and hope for a brighter future is lived out through our own journey through school. We teach that through this story we can see examples of how to live and what to do along the way when things go wrong – God is here to show compassion and love and through sharing and giving that to others we are showing hope for the whole of creation. We aim to show children that they can aspire to do their best and to be their best – and be proud to do so. Through exploring our vision ‘Let your light shine before men’ from Matthew 5:16 we aspire to demonstrate through our everyday actions, the right way to live and the significance of living for others. God’s light shines through our attitudes, words and actions.

Our challenge is to give all children a second chance when they need it – to develop a culture of optimism and self help, to ensure there is space and time for people to bring their hopes to God through prayer and reflection and to ensure we give opportunities to learn about the world so that we all can consider our place in its future. We are responsible for engendering hope for everyone.






We know how busy our school is and just how daunting it can be at times as a new parent so we’ve really tried this Autumn to make sure you’ve been made welcome as a new family at Eyam School.

We pride ourselves in showing hospitality to our new children and their families and thought about different ways to make sure you feel welcome in school – our webpages show our new faces and  there are plenty of pictures from Hedgehog class for parents to see their children in their learning environment.  We invited all parents to a celebration Worship in the 3rd week of term and later hosted a friendship shared breakfast for all the pupils to encourage some free chat time for everyone – the older children all spread their own butter and jam too!  New reception parents have been invited to track their child’s learning journey using an on line Orbit programme, sharing pictures from home with school staff which relate to the early learning goals.


Hedgehog parents were invited to a phonics and reading session with staff and the children modelled a phonics lesson!

Singing ‘Who put the colours in the rainbow’ at the Harvest Festival Celebration – in our rainbow colours!

The children have already been invited to join in with a PTFA Orienteering event in the village and it’s the AGM in November.  Please do come and find out what the role of the PTFA is all about. See Pam Cocker (Parent in Owls/Squirrels), Jayne Pritslaff (Georgina is in Owls Class)  or Mrs Gilbertson if you can help run a stall at the Christmas Fair in December.  We hope you enjoyed our wonderful Harvest Celebration, it was good to see you there.

During the Autumn term another hospitality event is ‘meet the teacher’ which is on an afternoon in October – please sign up for a time in the office ………… and whilst you have the pen we hope everyone will get stuck into helping in some way at the bonfire event in November – there are various things that you can do so you are still free on the night such as make toffee or soup or help make the MASSIVE RAT. This is an integral part of school life at Eyam so do get involved!  Finally for now, we invite ALL parents to an on-line safety presentation by Phil Booth in November

During Worship the children have considered ways to show gratitude – they’ve been making sure they say ‘thank you’ for school lunch and have written to  members of staff who’ve taken them on sporting fixtures this half term as well as writing Harvest prayers thanking God for our own Harvest in the local area.

Reception children had a visit from one of our newest baby siblings – they are learning how to take care of each other kindly. Each half term parents receive a topic web showing all the things that will be learnt in class over the next 6 weeks. The class web pages show photos and homework as well as weekly spellings. In addition there is a whole school newsletter each fortnight with dates and information as well as requests for help.

Most importantly, we are an open door school – always feel able to come and see us in the office, make an appointment to see Mrs Gilbertson the Head teacher or see your class teacher in the playground. We are all here to make your family relationship a happy one as we know this is the best way for YOUR child to thrive.