Eyam School Council

Our New School Council for 2018-19


 Our school motto is ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’


The School Council have been elected by all the pupils. Each elected member was required to make a speech to their class explain what they would want to achieve if they were elected and why they would be a good representative of their class on the council.

We elect our School Council (SC) with a democratic system of confidential voting after candidates have made proposal to their class.  Each year the SC agrees how they will operate with the older children leading meetings. Our SC discuss their role to promote:

  • Pupil voice – we need to be able to say what we think and adults need to listen
  • Responsibilities and rights – everybody matters and everybody can help
  • Learning to be a good citizen
  • A happy school environment

They draw up a plan of action for the year including fundraising for charity, improving the grounds, sorting out emerging issues and improving the learning environment. They report to the parents forum in the Autumn and the Governors in the Spring term.

The SC is just one example of our work that promotes and reflects our values. Our children learn to respect rituals and beliefs of a range of faiths including Christianity.

AS a Council we have decided that we will be working towards some new goals during 17-18.

  • Buying games so playtime is fun – choosing equipment
  • Improve the outdoors – the quiet area
  • Developing the natural environment – planting a meadow and  starting a woodland and making insect houses
  • Planning BIG ideas to take the Governors (which usually cost a lot!)
  • Communicating with people from outside school by writing a webpage and making posters
  • Improving playtime by training the new playground buddies
  • Extending clubs provision
  • Being a good citizen – writing pump track letters, adding to the Parish Council news, making soup lunch for local people
  • Raising money for Charity – both local and national

If you wish to observe a meeting then let us know – we chair our own meetings and write notes – Mrs Gilbertson helps us!