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Spring Term 2020

This half term we are learning about about the Polar Regions.  We had an exciting start to our topic when the polar explorer Helen Turton came to school and shared her amazing photos and stories about her expeditions to the North and South Poles.  We will be finding out about the effect of climate change on the polar ice-caps and how the lives of polar animals are being affected.  We will also be considering how animals and plants are adapted to surviving the  freezing temperatures.

   Our very own Polar Explorer!

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Polar Regions Topic Web Y5&6 Spring 1 2020

Y5&6 Spellings Spring 1 2020

We had a fantastic time at Young Voices in Sheffield singing with 5351 other children!


Autumn Term 2019 

This half term we will be finding out about the plague in Eyam in 1665.  We will be visiting the church and the local museum, walking to local sites such as the Riley Graves, the boundary stone and Mompesson’s Well, and learning from plague experts who are coming to school to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with us.

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The Plague Topic Web 

Autumn 1 Y5&6 2019-20

Here are a couple of photos of us playing games to exercise our brains and develop our HOT skills (Higher Order Thinking).




Summer Term 2 2019        The Legend of King Arthur

This half term we are really looking forward to learning all about the legend of King Arthur.  Our work will culminate in a class production of the play ‘Arthur’s Knights and the Dragon’ on Thursday 11th July.

We will also be developing our writing skills by creating tension and suspense in descriptive writing based on our class novel ‘Arthur High King of Britain’ by Michael Morpurgo.

We will be very busy this half-term, not only with reharsals, but with a host of curriculum enrichment activities including: Bikeability, Cyclocross, Technology day at Hope Valley College, the STEM Rolls Royce design challenge, Quad Kids sports event at Lady Manners School, Ocean Day (7th June) and sports day.


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King Arthur Topic Web

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Y5 Spellings Summer Term             Y6  Spellings Summer Term

Traditional Tales Topic Web

Spring Term 2019

This half term our focus is traditional tales.  We will be reading lots of fairy tales and traditional stories from other countries, and then writing our own contemporary versions.

Click here for this half-term’s spellings.         Y5&6 Spring 1 2019

Cities Topic Web Y5&6 Autumn 2 2018

Welcome to Squirrel Class

Squirrel Class School Council representatives


We have our very own parents guide to encouraging motivated and independent readers  – Reading Booklet 2017

Suggested reading books for Year 5









Suggested reading books for Year 6









‘Creativity makes life more fun, more interesting and more full of achievement’ (Edward de Bono).

We are using ‘How to Have Creative Ideas’ by Edward de Bono to help us to develop our minds and to practise thinking creatively.

Welcome to the new school year!


Have a look at our topic web to see what we will be learning about this half term.

Victorians Topic Web

Click on the link below to see a list of our weekly spelling lists.This half term we will be developing our geographical skills and using maps and Google Earth to find out about the capital cities of some of the world’s countries.

Our class novel for this half term is ‘Sky Hawk’ by Gill Lewis which is a wonderful story about the incredible migratory journey undertaken by birds such as ospreys.  We will be exploring the themes of friendship and the connections between people in different countries.

Click on the links for our Topic Plan and spellings lists for this half term.

Cities Topic Web           Y5&6 Autumn 2 2018

We have been developing our creative thinking abilities by playing some brain games.We have used Edward de Bono’s book ‘How to Have Creative Ideas’ to help us.



We had a fantastic day at Quarry Bank Mill where we learned lots about Victorian cotton mills and life as a child apprentice.


This term our main focus will be our class production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream which we will be performing in July.  We also have a huge range of other exciting activities to look forward to.

Have a look at our topic plan below to see what we are going to be getting up to.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Topic Web


This snowy Spring we are busy finding out about how people lived in the Stone Age.

Stone Age Topic Web

High Fives Competition

Last week Squirrel Class competed in the High Fives cluster competition at Hope Valley College.  Everyone played brilliantly and our Blue Team came first! We will be sending a team forward to the next round at Lady Manners next week.


Stone Age Food

As part of our Stone Age topic, we had an exciting afternoon learning about food that would have been eaten by Stone Age people.  We tasted berries and nuts and made delicious soup. Quite a few of us were surprised at how much we liked it!

Illustrator Visit

We came back from our half term holiday to a real treat – a visit from the illustrator Martin Olsson! We really enjoyed learning how to draw characters to illustrate our writing.

Fair Trade

We have been thinking about ‘justice’ this term, and in particular, the effect of the Fair Trade Premium on people’s lives in Pakistan. We have written letters asking local football coaches and secondary schools to consider buying Fairtrade footballs.  Here are a couple of them…

This January we will be starting our exciting new Space topic.  We will be learning about the International Space Station and what it is like to be an astronaut in space.

Why don’t you have a look at the International Space Station live feed for a different view of Earth? www.isstracker.com

Here is our topic plan for this half-term.

Topic Plan ‘Space’ Spring Term 1 2018

Click on the link below for Year 5 and 6 spelling lists for Spring Term.

Year 5 and 6 Spellings Spring Term


Image result for day and night

We have been learning about Day and Night.  We used ‘Stop Motion’ to make our own animations to show how the Earth moves around the Sun.
Click on the icon below to see some of our animations.

IMG_0321 IMG_0506  IMG_0505    IMG_0323  IMG_0452  


We have been composing our own Space poems. We had to include alliteration, similies, metaphors and personification.
Here is Polly’s fantastic poem!

Seven Ways to Look at the Sizzling Sun by Polly


Christmas Fun!

We had a great time making games to play at the Christmas Fare and everyone enjoyed playing them too!


We made delicious leek and potato soup which we served to local residents at our Soup and a Chat lunch.  Everyone had a wonderful time chatting and being entertained by the fantastic handbell group.



Our trip to the Veoila Recycling Centre

We enjoyed finding out about how our waste is sorted so that it can be recycled.


Squirrel Class Topic Plan Autumn Term 1 2017 Feeling Fabulous

Spellings Autumn 1 Year 5 & 6

13th July

What a fantastic time we had recreating the ‘Roaring Twenties’ and solving the Mystery of Magpie Manor.
Well done to all of our brilliant actors and wonderful singers.
A good time was had by all!


28th June

We had a fantastic visit to the National Cycling Centre at Manchester. We were able to experience riding the velodrome, watching the National Team train and riding the BMX track. Everyone was really proud of our achievements!

19th June

We had a fantastic time at the Derbyshire Cyclo Cross Championships at Whitworth Park. Everyone enjoyed taking part in the Cyclo Cross Relay, Italian Pursuit and Individual Race. Well done to all of our riders!

7th June

We are already busy with our final term. Our theme for this term is Local History / Geography.

We are still learning Spellings, but are also busy learning our lines for this summer’s play for homework. We are looking forward to showing you Mystery at Magpie Manor. 

25th May

We had a fantastic time washing cars. We worked really well together as a team and really enjoyed it!

(We also raised over £100 towards the cost of leavers hoodies – well done!)

1st May

We have enjoyed starting to make Roman Mosaics. You could try using this link:

Roman Mosaics

27th April 2017

What a great day we had with the History Van, learning all about Romans!

26th April 2017

We really enjoyed starting our Bikeability. Everyone rode really well and passed the ‘closed road’ part of the training with flying colours. (We wouldn’t expect anything else!


23rd April 2017

This Term we are looking at the impact the Romans had on the world. This starts with an exciting History Van Day on Thursday.

Here is our topic web for the half term and our weekly spellings.

Our Y6’s are also going to be getting ready for their SAT’s.


We are looking at the impact of the industrial revolution, what if we all buy Fair Traded products and a whole host of Science activities this half term. Here is our topic web and here are our spellings for the half term.

We are using Zappers to learn any particularly tricky words that we haven’t managed to remember from last term. Details of how to use your Zapper can be found here.

Summary topic web Squirrels Spring 1 2017

 Stories and story writing are our focus this half term, with an author visit, a unit of work on Philip Pullman and the start of the BBC 500 word story competition.

Here are our spellings for the half term.

Our new topic web for November and December – we are learning about Rivers


Our spellings for the half term are here, and this week’s homework is here.

We had a fantastic time at Whitehall. Here are the photos, showing everything we got up to.

Learning in school and at home

Our topic for this half term is World KitchenWe are focusing particularly on the food and culture of Italy. Our spellings for the half term are here. The current homework is also here and is due Thursday 6th October.

29th September 2016

Our school council election went really well.Speeches were well written and well received.  After a democratic vote, we now have 3 school council representatives. Well done to Luke, India and Fabian!



We have been enjoying our regular running sessions. We all have personal best times and are aiming to improve our running, ready for the Cross Country Championship at Hope Valley College.

15 April 2016

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topic web squirrels sum 1 2016

9 March 2016 – It’s been a busy few weeks!

26 February 2016

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topic web squirrels spr 2 2016

29 January 2016 – Squirrels Visit London!

January 2016 – More Forest School Fun

December 2015

Soup and Chat

Children at Eyam School have invited friends into the school to enjoy a home made soup lunch and Christmas carols. Some visitors came to school as children so it was a great chance to see how the school has changed. The children enjoyed sharing their work and learn to chat with the guests

Helping with Community Lunches at Eyam Church Centre

Students from HVC visiting us as part of our Inspire Topic

Forest School

Making Christmas decorations

Fairtrade Cake Sale – we raised £65!

11 November 2015

Click on the link below to find out what exciting things we will be learning during this Autumn term

Sq web aut 2 2015

16 October 2015

Key Maths Skills – Y5 & 6

15 October 2015

Inspire Program

October 2015

Whitehall Trip

October 2015

Homework Squirrel Class

September 2015

Click on the links below to find out what exciting things we will be learning during the Autumn term, as well as what our Long Term Plan is.

Squirrels Long Term Plan 2015-2016

Squirrels Autumn 1 Topic Web 2015-2016


For the children who learn 10 spellings, please only learn the words in RED

6 7 15

29 6 15

Tag Rugby

Class 4 playing Tag Rugby in preparation for the Tag Rugby World Cup to be held at Hope Cement Works on Tuesday 14th July 12.30-4pm. This is a whole family event!

Rounders at HVC

Some of our year 6’s took part in a Rounders Tournament at Hope Valley College. Although our team did not win, we had loads of fun!

June 2015

We will be learning about Eyam’s local history this term.

Click on the link below for more exciting information

Class 4 Topic Web Summer 2 2015a


For the children who learn 10 spellings, please only learn the words in RED

22 6 15

15 6 15

8 6 15

1 6 15

27 4 15

20 4 15

13 4 15

23 3 15


160215 Red




April 2015

Our new topic is ‘Ancient Egypt’

Click on the link below to find out what exciting things we will be learning during the summer term

Class 4 Topic Web Summer 1 2015

January 2015

Happy New Year! 

Our new topic is ‘Amazing Animals’ 

Click on the link below to find out what exciting things we will be learning during the Spring Term.

Class 4 Topic Web Spring 1 2015

November 2014

Autumn 2 2014

Welcome back to another exciting term!

Click on the link below to find out what we will be learning in Class 4 this half term.

Class 4 Topic Web Autumn 2 2014-15

Welcome back to a new school year!

Click on the link below for an overview of our Curriculum for the coming year

Class 4 LTP 2014-15



Click on the topic web below to find out what we will be learning this term

Class 4 Topic Autumn 1 2014-15

Viking Living History Day At Tatton Park

March 2014
We had a wonderful day! Everyone dressed up in Viking costume and looked fabulous as you can see from the pictures. We made clay thumb pots, threshed wheat, made flour and bread cakes, built barricades and learnt about life in Viking times. We even ate lunch outside in the sunshine.
DSCN3782  DSCN3786   DSCN3790  DSCN3795    DSCN3821   DSCN3829   DSCN3836    DSCN3853   DSCN3857   ]

December 2013

Experimenting ‘Sounds of Brass’ with Brass Instrumental teacher Chris Burge

October 2013

We had a fabulous time on our residential trip to Whitehall.