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Finding out about our local history – the plague at Eyam 1665


The children searched for historical facts and found out about their family history as well as taking a walk to the local landmarks to get a real feel for life in 1665 when the plague was brought to Eyam. They were thrilled by some gory tales brought to life by a local historian. In the Church the children saw the long list of families who had suffered and the famous Rev. Mompesson window.

The children enjoyed some acting and lots of myth busting

 The older pupils visited the museum and got some ideas about life styles, health and hygiene and the emotional challenges of living through such an ordeal.


During the walk, lead by one of our Governors, the children visited local landmarks such as the famous boundary stone and the Riley graves where Elizabeth Hancock buried her husband and six children here during 8 days in August 1666. They had died of the plague which had come to Eyam the year previous, carried in a roll of wet cloth from London.

Key ideas for the topic included a comparison to life in 2019

  • Chronology and time lines
  • Who was the King of England at the time – Charles II
  • Life style and life challenges
  • Food cultivation and eating
  • Home life and work
  • Health cures – fact and fiction
  • The idea of sacrifice and giving things up for the greater good of others – selfless acts


Introducing our leaders


As Head of school I believe that we should set a good example to other pupils and help them to ‘let their light shine’.

One of our jobs is to represent the school and welcome visitors by showing them round and talking about what and how we are learning.

I am the Librarian – I respect our school by keeping the library tidy and helping people find the books they need.

We read a lot in school and have been learning about how to be a powerful reader!

We are the House Captains and the Sports Leader. As Sports Leader I make sure people play by the sports values, these are respect, teamwork, passion, determination, honesty and self belief. The most important part about sport is having a go, doing your best and encouraging others – its not always about winning. I also hand out sports awards when we celebrate good work.

The House Captains are Leaders of our four Houses – Chatsworth, Pevril, Haddon and Hardwick. They take part in play buddy training along with the School Council and in the warmer weather they lead mini games over lunch times. I think as House Captain we can help children to be friends at play time as well as show them what our motto means because when you work as a team – ‘Together Everyone Learns More’!

I am the Eco Leader this year, in the Summer we were awarded the Eco flag for the third time which means we have lots to do to keep this up in the future. We learn about water, biodiversity, healthy living, transport, global citizenship, litter, waste and energy.

The School Council are elected at the start of each year. We make democratic decisions and try to be good role models. In meetings we make sure everyone has a voice and listens. We choose equipment and make sure the guinea pig has food and we help to run the cake sales to raise funds which we spend on wet play and outdoor games for playtime. We met Mrs Gilbertson and the Premises Governor to talk about feeling safe in school and have also taken part in Play Buddy training where we learnt to read each others emotions and use this to help sort out issues in the play ground. This year we decided to give our Santa money to the Jan Tam school in Burkina Faso, we help to decide which charities the school raises money for each year.


Adventure to the Capital City


Squirrels had their hard work rewarded by a visit to London.

Starting early at 5:45 and taking in many famous sites along the route made the day really memorable for everyone.


At last we arrived and were ready to climb up to the top of Tower Bridge – some of the parents were scared ! We were lucky to have a guided explanation about the winching mechanism for the bridge.


Then it was lunch time! In the sunshine  

  After  a photo snap by the London Eye we drove past New Scotland Yard, Downing Street, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Marble Arch and Harrods.

  Our adventure took us next to the renowned and beautiful Natural History Museum – parents and pupils alike were wowed by its awesome design.

 Time to shop – so many decisions to make and then to pay for!  A final count up after a visit to the loo!  The final treat was a visit to McDs which put a late evening smile on our faces before some of us had a snooze!     A big thanks to the parents who joined us and a massive cheer for Mrs Jones who was always there with her first aid and a big smile 🙂 A day to remember Squirrels.

Ending with a musical flourish


Just look how many children are learning to play an instrument AND were willing to perform to an audience of enthusiastic friends and family.

As well as violin and cello, flute, clarinet and saxophone, piano, guitar and ukulele, trumpet and voice, we also have a school choir.

Every year one class learns an instrument – this year it was the fife and next year its the trumpet and trombone!

If you’d like lessons please talk to Mrs Gilbertson and we will put you in touch with our teachers who mainly work through the Music Partnership.

Lovely Leavers


We will miss you all but hope you have enjoyed a fun end of term at Eyam School

Good luck in your journey through secondary school and let us know how you get on.


You make a fabulous group – a positive mindset that has spread across you over time – a fun loving attitude – a tough challenge for Mrs Dawson and LOOK at the results!

All of you passed all of the Sats tests – that’s 100% working a the expected level. A huge congratulations!

YOU are supportive, resilient, friendly, compassionate and honest team players who’ve all taken on responsibilities during the year and grown into confident learners.


Take this with you and you will shine – use these skills and you’ll help other people’s light to shine brighter.

Thank you for leading the school this year and GOOD LUCK





Sizzling Sports


Our School Sports day was a wonderful fun afternoon of friendship and healthy competition mixed with delight at each other’s success. A true reflection of the school – determination and celebration.

The House Captains were awarding certificates for the Sporting values of determination, teamwork, passion, respect, honesty and self belief – these are now household words because they are the sporting values we focus on during all our tournaments through the Sports Partnership and in the Cluster.

We began with individual challenges such as javelin, chest throwing and speed bounce. After a rest and drink it was time for the spring races which are always competitive. The relay is a real favourite and gives the houses a chance to work as a team. We finished with Time ball – a local traditional game for the older pupils.

What was the highpoint of the afternoon? The encouraging atmosphere – everyone was able to take part and some of the older pupils took the hands of and lead the younger ones through the activities. A big thanks to all the families for joining us and making new faces feel welcome too! A special thanks to Mrs Gaywood who runs the event with such enthusiasm and passion for sport.

Buxton Music and Drama Festival – a wonderful experience and lots of medals too!


Of course its the taking part that counts but nothing could disguise the excitement when the choir won their category! Well done to everyone – it was a long evening of listening but the children behaved impeccably and were a real credit to our village. A special thank you to Mr Tinker who has worked so hard with the choir over the year it was such a proud moment!


We also had a range of other performers – our Ukulele duet seen here played in the huge St Johns Church. Pianists also play here on the full sized grand piano – some of the younger players could not even tough the floor!

Solo singers ands the wind players took part in the Methodist Church. The brass trio ‘The Three Trumpeteers’ had a blast and we also had violinist and a cellist playing solos.

The Festival is over 2 weeks and on another day several children took part in the spoken/drama section reciting poems. Everyone remembered how to stand and bow afterwards – its a quite a daunting experience but such a good learning opportunity and great fun to listen to others perform. Well done to the musical team at Eyam! A big thanks to parents for helping with practising and of course to our Peri teachers.

Myths and Tales in Owl Class


The children got to design and make their own mythical creatures that would then come to life in the story – I can’t wait to read them now!

There was high drama in Owls in a retelling of Theseus and the Minotaur.