What’s Happening




Welcome! welcome! welcome!

Enjoy having a look at our new starters – the Reception children have enjoyed lots of outside play exploring their new environment and getting to grips with the school routine – including lunch times, fruit snack time, Worship and of course playtime with the older children too!

Well done everyone a super start to the year!

   Our new reception children have already settled in so well to life at school.


Congratulations – a Class to be proud of!

Well done Y6 we are so proud of all your hard work this year – reflected in part in your fabulous Sats results.

All our children, that’s 100% of Y6 reached or exceeded the required marks to attain the new phrase ‘working at’ in SPAG, Maths and Writing and almost that – 92% in Reading. A super achievement reflecting hard work and a growth mindset from the children and dedicated teaching.

The staff and Governors are also pleased to report that an amazing 46% of the cohort reached greater depth in Reading and a similar percentage in SPAG. These are results to be really shout about.

Here are the children enjoying a well deserved celebration ice cream in the sunshine! YIPEE


Hello to lots of new Teddy Bears.

A warm welcome to our new intake of reception children who’ve been attending our Summer term teddy Bear Club over the last few weeks. They have been making themselves at home on the sunny afternoons, sharing the bikes, playing in the sand and feeling at home in the kitchen, listening to a story and meeting staff as well as seeing siblings and all the other children. We look forward to you joining us in September.

Aiming with accuracy

A big thank you to our wonderful parents, who through fundraising have ensured all the children have an enriched experience of our curriculum topics over the year.


Archery On Tuesday, Eyam School got an incredible opportunity to learn archery. We had a great time.

First the instructor came in to give us a talk about archery and it was quite interesting. He showed us 4 bows and some arrows. The first bow was called a horse bow because people shot it whilst riding a horse. Originally the string was made from animal intestines! The second bow was called the long bow, because you shot it long ways. The other two bows were modern bows one was from America.

Then Squirrel class got to do archery first. We did really well. We shot 3 arrows at a time and the targets were a good challenge. The final game was more of a competition first the Hope Valley year 6s played and the winners were Peter, Max and Martha and Martha came 1st. Then the year 5s and Izzy and Grace played the game the winners were Izzy, Charlie and Jake and Izzy came 1st.

Overall everyone had a great time and we are really grateful to the people who organised it. “It was really challenging and enjoyable” Grace. “I really enjoyed especially the last competition” Jess. Archery was really fun!

Sports Matters Spring 2018

See all the up to date information and Sports Reports that the children have written.

Here we are hoola hooping for Sports relief, enjoying the afterschool Skills & drills club, dancing linked to our Space topic, enjoying competing in the Athletics finals which was a first for Eyam! and getting through to the High-fives finals too – another proud moment.


Just a little reminder to have a look at these articles which we put on the Sports pages

A thank you form our friends in Burkina Faso

We received a wonderful series of photos from our link school – they have bought a GIANT rocking horse with the children’s Christmas donation!


‘The Christmas gift that Eyam school kindly sent was spent on a rocking horse for the pre school (Maternelle) children and on food for the primary school lunches.
We recently showed the power point on food that you had sent several months ago. 
They were fascinated by what they saw, and the children and teachers are getting some pictures and explanations of local food ready for you. Thank you!

Greetings to the children and staff at Eyam primary school!’

What’s under our feet?


We are lucky enough to have a large playing field at Eyam CE Primary – so here we are digging it up!


You can see us exploring our local history with an archaeological dig in the school field! This was brought alive by the range of finds at each level of the pit – we excavated bones, pipes and shoe heels! Our Stone Age topic has been a hit with both staff and pupils as we considered how the countryside could have looked 5000 years BC.

The PTFA also funded an Archaeology day where the children excavated a range of finds and, working in cross phase groups, wrote labels for each find. Everyone made clay pots using a thumb technique. In our recent Ofsted inspection learning – Owl class then wrote a story about falling through time into the Stone Age and how it would feel to arrive in that long ago time.




Celebrating a Centenary

Did you know that its 100 years since the local Boot and Shoemakers Strike in 1918 that demanded fair wages for the families of Stoney and Eyam?

We’ve been learning all about the local event and joined the village on Saturday 14th April along with the Castleton Silver Band and local residents to re-enact the march.

We were very proud of the children who took part in the acting, singing, marching and then performing the poem in the church in Stoney. You can see the banners that have a pair of feet for every child at school and were proudly carried all the way from Eyam down to Stoney along Mill Lane.  They had all taken the time to get dressed in period costume and were a super addition to the adults who took part – well done everyone was impressed by your mature behaviour and especially the poetry. Thank you to Mrs Brunt for your wonderful choreography. This is a piece of your heritage children and we hope you enjoyed taking part! For anyone wanting to read more about that period of time the book ‘Tunes on a Penny Whistle’ by Doris E Coates.