Author: Oona Gilbertson

Fairy tales and castles


Hedgehogs have been particularly busy acting out, retelling and re living famous tales – this is a great way to build their confidence by taking the role of various characters.

They’ve also planned and re written tales – with their own adaptations!

A design and make project that all the class got literally stuck into, was the castle creation.

Amazing Athletics


Our hard work paid off as we tackled the indoor athletics with the Hope Valley Cluster.

We got through to the Finals in Matlock which is a loud and  challenging afternoon of Sport against all the top winners in the North of the County. We were very proud of our team – you can ‘see’ how hard they are working!

Chocolate – our topic to spark an international debate


We’ve been finding out all about the origins of chocolate and who grows it and where. The children enjoyed a special day with  fabulous Chocolatier who brought a video he’d made in Ghana showing a cocoa farm and the journey the pods take before being shipped to the UK. Its Fair trade Fortnight and so the topic links with discussions about ensuring farmers get paid a fair price for their products. The children have also written to local shops asking about Fairtrade chocolate sales and  the availability of Easter treats made with Fairly traded goods.


Of course making the treats to eat was a favourite moment!


Great Gymnastics Girls


 Lots of certificates !

Look at the fabulous team who took part in this cluster event – it was a friendly competition – thank you to staff at HVC for hosting.


Litter, litter here? – what a pile in the playground Eyam!


A big thanks to Miss McGloin who organised a local litter picker to come and talk to the children about how and why we should NOT drop litter at all. The lesson on litter was  all about the importance of a clean and safe play environment. Its a place where animals, plants and insect live and should be safe – we don’t want pets eating wrappers either!


The children were shocked to see just how much rubbish the Owl class had collected from the village playground – why are our locals and visitors making such a mess of this wonderful area? Our Eco motto is ‘At green Eyam we work as a team to share, care, recycle and save!’ If this is true what can we do about the litter?


Taking part in the fabulous village panto 2019 – living the vision of Eyam school, taking an active role in the community


Our school vision is to  ‘Let your light shine’  so as to bring light to others. Its taken from Matthew 5:16. Just look how much pleasure is being shared through the hard work and dedication of  Nicola and the production team and consider how proud the families must be of their children for bringing this pleasure to those who came to watch.

A record number of pupils took part in this week long event and showed off many a skill and plenty of positive attitude …… patience, memory, acting, dancing, singing, timings, team work, resilience, respect and following instruction to name just a few. What a super example of putting into practise so many life skills and working with adults and teenages – its all part of living in a community.


Squirrels enjoy a snowy retreat at the Peak Centre in Edale


Once again we battled the snow showers but were rewarded with a cosy, calm and contemplative experience. The children were thrilled with the activities as they were fun and although required thought they were relaxing too. Mrs Dawson was particularly pleased with the mature responses and thoughtful ideas from all the children.

‘I liked going into the hut.’

We learnt that if we work together and trust each other we can achieve more.

‘My favourite was blowing bubbles!’

‘It was fun!’

 Thank you for taking us to Edale.

World Book Day


Look at the super book themed creations we saw this year!

All the children (and parents) had gone to lots of efforts to be creative and this contributed to a real buzz on the day ….. even the teachers and caretaker were in disguise!

A warm welcome to Angie Cottle a local author who came to share her stories and launch a local writing event the Little Echos creative Competition – winning pieces will be published!

 This year the theme was a ‘World of Water’   World of Water


  A huge thanks from Squirrel Class who have spent their PTFA donation on books for the class – they were thrilled and quickly set about reading and talking about why they liked certain authors. Thanks to the PTFA….. Owls and Hedgehogs are making their shopping lists!

Fabulous Fairy Tales and Mysterious Myths


We shared our Wonderful creations at the end of the half term – the older children had written stories using Book Creator and enjoyed adding sound effects and pictures to their texts – what a professional result Squirrels well done! The pictures show some of the fun being had by the younger pupils in school – there has been a lot of acting and role play including some scary wolf moments for red riding hood and a hungry fox! The older pupils have also twisted the ends of their stories and added extra characters and events……. as well as thinking about how it might have felt for the other characters – what if granny told the story?

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Bountiful birds


Squirrels were lucky to be invited to take part in the National bird survey from the warmth of a Governors kitchen – what a treat!

Here they are catching sight of a myriad of garden birds including bullfinches, gold finches, chaffinches and greenfinches, fieldfare, long-tailed tits, blue tits, a woodpecker and lots of blackbirds too.

Thanks for the yummy hot chocolate and biscuits!