Author: Oona Gilbertson

Squirrel Class enjoy a days retreat at the Peak Centre in Edale




Dear Margaret, Simon and Alistair,

We are writing to say thank you for our awesome retreat day.

We all loved the activities, but our favourite one was the dragon and the magic stick. We also liked the magical little hut in the middle of the forest where we made the cairn and had a moment of silence and looked at the amazing display.

Our class love being together out of school. We liked thinking about ourselves and other people. We really enjoyed the mindfulness and it made us feel really calm. It also made us think about how to calm down in difficult situations. We also all loved choosing a button and thinking and saying what it made us think about, and drawing the pictures.

The parachute was fun, and was a great way to make us feel more relaxed about the day. It was really tricky to keep the ball going the right way and we had to work together as a team.


Overall we had a really fantastic day and we hope to come again some time.

Yours sincerely,

Emily and Savannah

(on behalf of Eyam school)








Celebrating the preparation for Christmas 2017



Advent begins with creativity – hands on Decoration Day – relatives are invited to come and help with crafts and all those tricky twidly bits that need a few extra fingers!


Next we take a group to sing at the Village Church lunch and the older children help to serve the food – well done Team Eyam!


Just look how many children took part in the village carol service – despite the panic about heavy snow all day! This special part of Advent, included readings, our Bells players, wonderful singing and a playlet all about the true meaning of Christmas.


We embarked on a new venture this season – a Christmas Fayre. It was a huge success with local trees for sale, crafts made by the children, a hilarious photo booth complete with Elf helpers and the usual mince pies and a secrecy room which ensures all the children have something to give on Christmas morning. It was made all the more unique by not only the arrival of snow but by being opened by the band! Thanks to the PTFA for ALL their help making this a great evening!


Christmas lunch is another way of thanking all the Govs, clergy, volunteers and staff for all their hard work over the year – a super spread thanks to the dinner staff for all their organisation.


It did snow here – there was just enough for snow angels and a snow man club too!


Christmas isn’t Christmas unless there is a Nativity. There were dancing geese, amazed donkeys and even spiders in the manger as well as bay Jesus, Mary and Joseph of course. Well done to Hedgehog Class who put on several entertaining performances.

At Eyam the oldest Class, Squirrels also invite a special guest to enjoy a soup and a chat lunch – made and served by the children, its a chance to learn some social skills and to chat to local friends of the school – to give something back to the village.  This year we were also entertained by the Bells.

Our final Community event of the year is a concert by any child who wants to share their musical skills. We now have 60% of the school learning an instrument and so its a wonderful chance to share our growing talents! There were solos, the band, duets, the choir and brave singers too! Well done all of you.

Remembering what Christmas is really about – thank you to Adam and Mike who help us make these important links. We especially remember to think about those who are not so lucky.

All the staff wish the families and friends of Eyam, who support the school in so many ways, a warm and peaceful Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in 2018.

Happy holidays from Mrs Gilbertson.

Friendship Week at Eyam


Come and see our ‘Friendship hearts’ which show just how many ways there are to be a friend. This whole school project helped us to consider different ways of showing friendship everyday.



The School Council along with House Captains took part in Buddy training, this year lead by Mrs Hix – each member is now able to take more responsibility at play times. The children enjoyed playing games such as wink murder and they now have lots of ideas of how to get others involved, encouraging different children to take part. The House Captains and School Council have a rota and wear a friendship buddy sash so others know who to go to if they need a chat or a new friend.


We held several child led worship discussions to consider this years Anti-bullying theme which is ‘All Different All Equal’ Children worked in houses to talk about how we are the same and how we might be different. We then continued this to ask how we would welcome someone who was different to our school. They may be new to the area, have a disability, speak a different language or have experienced terror. We listened to stories about children who had been made to feel left out and asked how that would feel.  The children suggested ideas such as sharing ideas, helping, showing new children our routines, being a buddy, having a positive response to strange questions, looking out for each other, treating everyone the same, looking out for others, respecting their ideas and beliefs, asking them to be a friends and take part, offering to share feelings.

Remember we have child friendly policies which last years Play Buddies wrote – they are on the children’s notice board if you’d like to read them.

Hedgehog children discussing different types of bullying – leaving people out, pushing and saying nasty things are all bullying.

Hedgehog Class have been busy making a friendship recipe – reminding us of all the good qualities that a friend should have



Having a Ball


This girl can…..have lots of sporting fun without the boys!!

On Wednesday the 1st of November Angel, Polly, Martha and Eliza went to ‘This girl can’, at the Ark in Matlock. It was a fun girls sports event with lots of new ideas for the afternoon with girls from across the Peaks – with Mrs Hix. We did a lot of fun sports like dry swimming, inflatable horse riding, (Mrs Hix loved it so much she ordered some while we were there!) we also did an obstacle course, cheer leading and point throwing. At cheerleading we got to make up our own dance, I was with Angel and Martha and Eliza were together. We all found it really fun and we all have some more great ideas for new clubs!

Girls are amazing – its a girl’s world – stronger together – girl power!

By Polly


Award Winners at the Derbyshire Annual Sports Awards


Janice Price nominated the Eyam Team sp a group of children went to the Winding Wheel in Chesterfield as our ambassadors!

The nomination was for having such a well thought through active playtime. The children enjoy Mini-Leaders, Change for Life, lunch sports clubs, Play Buddy training and a range of games and clubs such as chess and book club too.


Mrs Hix and Mrs Addlington as well as Mrs Gaywood and the children took to the stage to receive the award. We are immensely proud and very grateful to our wonderful lunch time staff who take the time to make sure everyone can have a fun and active lunch time.

Run, run as fast as you can you can’t catch us!



On Friday 6th October, Reception to Year 6 went to a Cross Country competition at Hope Valley College. We did very well, with three people qualifying for the Y5/6 finals in Ashbourne! In the first race, Reception, Year 1 and year 2 boys, we had an amazing second place from George B! The next race was R-Y2 Girls who all tried hard. After that, it was the Years 3-4 boys, in which we had a tenth place from Daniel! In the next race, which was 3 to 4 girls, where Olivia came a great 3rd place. The next race was very successful; with Luke coming an amazing first! Max came 9th and Peter came an unlucky 11th, as the top ten will qualify. We had one qualifier in the Year 5/6 girls’ race, with Freya coming 5th. Also, Savannah W came 15th, and Bess came 16th. We really enjoyed the races and we are looking forward to the finals.




How Healthy?


Look just how healthy we all are!

We’ve now been awarded the Healthy Schools Community Award

As you know we worked hard as a school last year to promote and develop various aspects of being healthy. We enjoyed taking part in ‘Play Buddy’ training with Mrs Hix and Dawn Monk and then we bought the play buddy bus stop and organised play leaders to make sure we were all safe and happy over break times. In class we made sure we learnt about how we change as we grow and how to stay healthy.  We encouraged everyone to keep safe on-line and drew up class charters as well as having on-line safety lessons each half term. Also we’ve been taking part in LOTS of lunch time sporting activities organised by the older children for the younger children – this is a really special element of life at Eyam – well done to the Squirrels and to the lunch staff for organising this so very well. All our work also links with the Anti Bullying Award and the Gold Sports Award we’ve also been awarded this year.

Mrs Gilbertson put all our work and photos into a file of evidence and then this was sent off to an assessment panel – and we passed!

This year we are developing ideas about how to include emotional wellbeing in our time at school and we’re waiting for the new menu to start before we then explore which meals we like best and how healthy it is to eat school lunch.

Christopher said ‘we enjoyed the training and it helped us to be more kind on the playground’.

Very many thanks

Soccer success


Our sporty Squirrel Class came second at the local partnership Soccer tournament and so have made it through to the finals at Antony Gell School on October 11th. Here they are full of action skill!

Our teams from Eyam were awarded Spirit of the games awards for never stopping and for doing just that – stopping to help when someone was hurt. They displayed the sporting values we promote such as determination, honesty, self belief, team work, passion and respect. A super effort at the finals, well done everyone!



Welcome – and welcome back!


We have two new families at school and would like to give them a warm welcome.

Two sisters and two brothers!

We hope you will be very happy and we can see you’ve already made some friends too.

Eyam also welcomes Michael – a new member of the MAST Team who will be leading worship once a half term. Mr Tinker is a familiar face as he also leads the school choir and is a Governor too.  Mr Fentem (also called Michael) has now retired from MAST after many, many years of taking worship each half term at Eyam – we will miss his props and his magic as well as his Bible stories.


ALSO a big cuddly return from Tiger and Angel who’ve been very well looked after over the summer – various kind offers of hospitality were gratefully received.

Sporting Pride


We were so very impressed with the Sports Leader, Mini Leaders and Healthy Heros for their dedication to promoting the sports values in 2017 that Mrs Gaywood invited Janice Price (the Sports Partnership Leader for Rural Derbyshire) to visit the school and see lunch time in action. The sun shone and the children talked about all they do to enhance play experiences for each other as well as the skills they have subsequently developed.


The children talked passionately about helping others to become more determined. The Sports Squad Team have worked well together to improve self belief in many children.

Look at the Sports pages to see what we’ve done each month to develop all these skills as well as improve our sporting abilities.

Special thanks to the Lunch staff who organise and support many of our clubs – always helping the children be creative and have fun! Mrs Price was extremely impressed with their input and the children’s enthusiasm and organisation. She wrote an email to Mrs Gilbertson the following morning – here are some snippets. We were so proud of you all!


I just wanted to let you know what a fabulous day I had yesterday at Eyam seeing your amazing sports leaders in action. Rarely these days do I get the opportunity to see first hand the results of the Conferences & the training we put on for schools and colleagues across the partnership. Yesterday was an exception, & I can tell you I was so impressed with everything I saw. I can say honestly, in all my years of teaching I have never seen such outstanding leadership skills in action. This goes for the pupils and staff alike. 

I was truly inspired to see so much physical activity and engagement. The leaders spoke passionately about their roles in running mini-leaders and they delivered a great session for reception/KS1 which the children really enjoyed. The lady who set this up 7 years ago is simply marvellous, what a star! Similarly, the midday who attended our C4L champions Conference in March has really inspired the students who also ran a superb lunchtime club where children listened respectfully, had lots of fun and played the games fairly and without any arguments. It was a delight to see.

In the entire two hours of my visit I didnt see a single child who wasn’t engaged in sport and physical activity either as a participant or as a leader. The leaders were nothing short of exceptional, planning engaging sessions  and leading with confidence, reitterating the School Games values and what’s more,  demonstrating them in every way through their behaviour. Such outstanding role models. 

What an amazing team of adults you have at Eyam working together to set this us & who themselves demonstrate everything that is great and good in terms of helping young people to develop skills, confidence and self esteem through sports leadership. Not to mention the benefits of keeping young people active.