Author: Oona Gilbertson

World Book day



Everyone looked AMAZING in their booky outfits and we managed to raise over £50 for Book Aid

The day reminded us if how much reading we really do in a day and also all the different types of books we enjoy. Having worked with the inspiring author Caryl Hart in school a few weeks ago the children were full of ideas about their favourite books. The children wrote books reviews and shared reading time together.

BBC Songs of Praise visits Eyam


We hope you saw the middle of last weeks programme of Songs of Praise (March 5th). It showed a wonderful water colour artist, Jenny Hawk working with pupils from Eyam school and exploring  her amazing paintings depicting the Stations of the Cross. She took Kate Bottomly the Goggle Box Presenter, on a walk around the village in glorious spring sunshine, talking about the meaning of some of her paintings – they will shortly be going back up in the church yard and in the Church for all to admire. She came to school to share her talents and give a master class to 11 lucky children.

‘It was amazing to see how the paint spread – it felt exciting to watch’

‘It was really absorbing I could have carried on all day’

‘It was cool you could see the feelings in the pictures she had painted’

‘I could feel the darkness in the way Judas handed the bread to Jesus’

‘I liked seeing how the Camera men talked to each other – they were really quiet it was clever’

‘We really enjoyed her visit because she inspired us to have a go, shared her secret techniques and let us use her materials. It was great fun’

Actually the children responded amazingly with comments such as, ‘That must have taken ages’ ‘I really like those hammers they are realistic!’ ‘Its so clever how it makes you feel what was really happening’

‘It was a day to remember’ Thankyou Jenny and the BBC

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Caryl Hart visits Eyam


Wow what a start to the term! All the children had a really varied and interesting day learning about how to be a ‘real’ author. We all liked the fact that she lived locally and even writes at the café in Eyam! She read stories and told us all about how to publish a book as well as giving us lots of top tips for writing.

Favourite moments from a few children

‘We learnt how to write part of a story and then cut bits out making it much better – then we used this skill in our 500 words’

‘Caryl was both funny and realistic using her family for inspiration – that gave us ideas too’

‘She was confident and made a real effort – that was inspiring’

‘We really enjoyed being read to and even though the book was meant for a slightly younger audience it was really funny to listen to’

Thankyou Caryl


Brilliant Basketball


What a night!

Y 5/6 Basket ball team took the Open Tournament by storm reaching an amazing second place and taking home the prized Spirit of the games cup!

Antony Gell Open Basketball Tournament

On Wednesday the 1st of February Eyam A Team – Fabian, Jacob, Daniel, Seb, Grace, Maddie and Arthur went to play in an Open Basketball Tournament at Antony Gell school. We went with Mr Wright, Mrs Gilbertson and Lucas a Sports Leader from Lady Manners.  It was an open competition against other schools in North Derbyshire!

Eyam A team played all the other teams in their league, we tried our best to show the other schools that we were fantastic players. We played 4 matches, winning 2 and drawing 2. Lots of brilliant goals were scored including Fabian’s explosive backwards no looker shot in the first 10 seconds of one match! Grace C also scored some amazing goals. We scored enough goals to come second in our league just 2 points behind the winners! In addition we were awarded the ‘Spirit of the Games cup’ for determined sportsmanship and real effort to do our best.

We all had a great time including the teachers! “It was very thrilling, challenging, amazing and I was so happy when we found out that we had come second!” explained Maddie.

By Fabian

The six Sports Award values of passion, self belief, respect, determination, honesty and teamwork were very much in evidence and the whole team worked so well to tackle each new game with gusto – super work Eyam Team!


What is the spirit of the games award about?

A real bouncing success!


We thought you’d like to see how much fun the children have been having with the new pogo-sticks and bouncing disks.

The children from school council have chosen the items from a kind donation made by the Marathon Committee. The children have been lining up to have a go and show off their new talents!


Let it snow let it snow!


Look how much fun we had in the snow!

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Pupil Parliament meets Patrick McLoughlin



Our Pupil Parliament Reps joined other pupils from the local cluster to discuss the role of an MP. They were the first to ask questions of Mr McLoughlin. Squirrel class had collected ideas and these were the questions we sent to the discussion.’What is it like at the Houses of Parliament? What does an MP do in their local area and in London?’  ‘Why can’t young people vote?’ and ‘What is the Government doing to reduce terrorists? finally ‘Did you want to be part of the EU and how will leaving effect us in the future?’

The children said, ‘we found it interesting because we heard all the questions and lots of answers. Patrick enjoys his job at the Houses of Parliament because he gets to make bad things better and he tries to help sort out local issues. He had answers for all the questions. We also saw another school too.’

Performing at the Winding Wheel


Have a look at our wonderful children who were given the chance to perform Christmas songs at the Winding Wheel Theatre in Chesterfield along with other schools and the Perfect Pitch Choir where some of our children sing. Some children narrated, sang in small groups or were dressed up taking part in the Christmas story. They were joined by the Masson Mills Brass Band who also lead the audience in a fun series of songs including the 12 days of Christmas. A few of our new brass players took part in We wish you a merry Christmas! We were very grateful for this wonderful opportunity to have a fun as well as raise funds for the charity Challenge Derbyshire who raise funds for local hospice’s and therefore local people.


Advent at Eyam


During Advent this year the children took part in a range of activities as we waited for the arrival of Christmas. We celebrate with the village in a wonderful Advent Carol Service which this year involved singing carols and inviting a real donkey to church as well as acting out parts of the Christmas story with members of the community.

The children invite parents into school to a craft morning when we make cards and decorations to take home for Christmas.

A group of happy singers entertain at the church centre lunch by singing new and traditional carols – this year we acted out the 12 days of Christmas!

We invite all the helpers into school to join us a for a fabulous Christmas lunch as a way of saying thank you for giving up their time over the year.

The older children invite their neighbours and relatives into school for a chat over homemade soup and mince pies. The children work hard to prepare the soup and then there is chatter about school now and in the past as well as a Christmas sing along too.

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Of course a real highpoint was our special Nativity performed in church by the Reception and Year One children, this wonderful calm moment in the business of preparations for Christmas.

We all wish you a very happy Christmas.

Owls and otters


Owl class took part in an exciting visit to the River Derwent in Matlock.

A report by Adey: I had a great time in the River Derwent. I learnt that the river was full of tiny insects living and moving in the water. My favourite thing was putting the dog biscuit in the water and catching it at the end using the fishing net. We timed the dog biscuit how fast it went. At the shallow end it went slowly but at the deep end it went faster.

Have a look at our two otter fact files

otters 1       otters 2