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Performing at the Winding Wheel


Have a look at our wonderful children who were given the chance to perform Christmas songs at the Winding Wheel Theatre in Chesterfield along with other schools and the Perfect Pitch Choir where some of our children sing. Some children narrated, sang in small groups or were dressed up taking part in the Christmas story. They were joined by the Masson Mills Brass Band who also lead the audience in a fun series of songs including the 12 days of Christmas. A few of our new brass players took part in We wish you a merry Christmas! We were very grateful for this wonderful opportunity to have a fun as well as raise funds for the charity Challenge Derbyshire who raise funds for local hospice’s and therefore local people.


Advent at Eyam


During Advent this year the children took part in a range of activities as we waited for the arrival of Christmas. We celebrate with the village in a wonderful Advent Carol Service which this year involved singing carols and inviting a real donkey to church as well as acting out parts of the Christmas story with members of the community.

The children invite parents into school to a craft morning when we make cards and decorations to take home for Christmas.

A group of happy singers entertain at the church centre lunch by singing new and traditional carols – this year we acted out the 12 days of Christmas!

We invite all the helpers into school to join us a for a fabulous Christmas lunch as a way of saying thank you for giving up their time over the year.

The older children invite their neighbours and relatives into school for a chat over homemade soup and mince pies. The children work hard to prepare the soup and then there is chatter about school now and in the past as well as a Christmas sing along too.

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Of course a real highpoint was our special Nativity performed in church by the Reception and Year One children, this wonderful calm moment in the business of preparations for Christmas.

We all wish you a very happy Christmas.

Owls and otters


Owl class took part in an exciting visit to the River Derwent in Matlock.

A report by Adey: I had a great time in the River Derwent. I learnt that the river was full of tiny insects living and moving in the water. My favourite thing was putting the dog biscuit in the water and catching it at the end using the fishing net. We timed the dog biscuit how fast it went. At the shallow end it went slowly but at the deep end it went faster.

Have a look at our two otter fact files

otters 1       otters 2

Chinese culture and a visit to the Buddhist Centre in Sheffield


Owl class learnt a lot about China including how to write in Chinese, how the New Year is celebrated and how the capital of Beijing compares to London as well as which animals live in China. They also enjoyed a fascinating visit to the Centre where they were lucky to have a go at meditating and really enjoyed learning about some of the many different Buddha. ‘The best bit for me was looking at all the different types – there were over 500!’ said Charlie.

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‘I liked seeing what the offerings were for the Buddha, these included chocolate and water and crisp, reported Jake.’

‘ Did you know there is a fire god who protects the people and burns evil spirits!’ stated Marley. Thanks boys!

Bess wrote as recount of the trip – she has included time connectives and how she felt – well done!

Last week Owl class went to the Buddhist Centre. First we had to take our shoes off because there was a cream carpet. It was calm and quiet. Then we sat down on some cushions while Bob introduced himself. We asked some questions. I asked how long has the religion of Buddhism been around for? It was a very long time. Next we did some meditation. It felt very calm afterwards but my back ached. After that we listened to the story of the first Buddha who was originally a prince who lived in a palace. He had never been outside of the palace. Then he went out a saw a man dying, a poorly man and a blind man. When he saw that this happened he was sad. That is why he became a Buddha. We asked questions like why are there so many statues of different Buddha’s here? It was because there are lots of different reasons.

Toot toot!!



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After all our work on growing food and how we harvest it, the younger children had a very special visit.

Hedgehog Class said a really big thank you to Mr Edwards who kindly brought his tractor to school.

We enjoyed the flashing lights and the horn and Mr Edwards did his best to answer all our questions too!

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Thanks, thanks and more thanks


The children have been very busy sending thank you letters to a range of people who have been into school to help us. This is a good way to practise core writing skills such as using paragraphs, correct punctuation, ambitious vocabulary and letter structure as well as showing the community how much we appreciate their support – some of the recipients even send a letter back! Here is just a flavour.


Dear Mrs Thorpe

Thank you for cooking all those mouth-watering, amazing, to die for meals, you’re like Gordan Ramsie as a girl. It must have been like feeding an army because it was bring a parent to school day.

My grandmother said “I’d never had a meal at school like that ever! “My grandmother really enjoyed the day especially the pasta making. I really enjoyed the dragon making because it was fun and exciting.

Yours sincerely


Lit quiz at Lady Manners

Dear Lin Smith,

Thank you for conducting the lit quiz; our team loved it despite not doing too well, there was a lot of competition!

I liked it at Lady Manners because of the authors who provided the supply of books for the winners of each round and most of all: the quiz master and the staff of course. It was interesting to see parts of the school.

We tried our hardest and had a good start on the galaxy subject. Now I’ve done the literacy quiz my knowledge has been extended massively although I’d spent a long time revising the practice questions!

Yours sincerely,


Dear Mrs. Cocker,

I am writing to you to say thank you for taking us to Derby Cathedral in your own time. We really appreciate it seen as though we wouldn’t have been able to make it there and have an amazing time without you taking us there.

We also appreciate you buying us the delicious milkshakes and mouth-watering brownies from the cathedral café. My favourite part was making the posters for modern slavery. What was your favourite part? Luke said “My favourite part was the debate!”

From Grace


Dear Philip

Thank you for teaching us rugby. We have all enjoyed having you teaching us as well as learning new skills.

Our favourite parts were playing the amazing matches because it was exciting and really fun. We also liked it when the children lead the warm up because it was quite different. What was your favourite part?

We learnt that it`s easier to do short passes than long passes because if you do long passes then it`s less likely for the other person to catch the ball .We also learnt that you give the other team the rugby ball when it`s a side-line.

Thank you, we were very lucky to have you teaching us!

Your sincerely Y4 and Y5


Dear Mrs Hepworth,

The bonfire, I loved it, it was great in my opinion it was the best I’ve ever been to!

Thank you for organizing the bonfire I especially liked selling the glow sticks! Thank you for supplying the yummy food [it was really nice] you could have had more light so people could see and to have more fireworks. We can’t wait to spend the money on playground equipment (we really want pogo sticks!)

Your sincerely Daniel Binns


Poppies to help us remember


We’ve all been making poppies in school and the older children would like to thank those of you who helped us to knit our very own poppy.

It was tricky to do the knitting but we felt proud at the end. Our poppies joined the amazing poppy garden in Church.

Thank you to Annette and Adam for leading our service to remember those who gave their lives so that we can live in peace.

International parents to school day


What a day! Parents were invited to join their children for a day of craft activities linked to our topic of world Harvest. We constructed Chinese dragons, knotted and dipped African tie-dye, squished and fried African puff-puff and sliced fruit, spotted Aboriginal paintings, sewed autumn leaves, mixed and rolled Italian pasta AND made our lanterns for the bonfire parade!

As well as all those activities parents visited class rooms and ate lunch with the children and even joined in with skipping and football. It was a lot of fun and a wonderful end to our exploration of food and Harvest from around the globe. The children were pleased to take their lanterns home and were very grateful to the parents and family members who came to help make the day special.

IMG 0882
IMG 0882
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Harvest Celebration


Mike made us very welcome at church where we presented ideas about Harvest around the world – from China to Italy. The children presented art work, reading and drama focussing on how it would be if the harvest failed. Parents joined us for our singing and in prayer to celebrate our own local harvest and we also contributed to the Church for their Harvest Appeal.



We all warmly welcomed our new children to Eyam School who have already been busy settling into Hedgehog Class.

Everyone at Eyam arrived looking smart and refreshed after the Summer break and after only a few days we had kind deeds and pen licences to celebrate, sprint race winners and many dates in the diary for trips and sporting fixtures. We also welcomed Mrs Gaywood to our staff team and Mr Birtwistle, a PGCE Student who will be with us during the year.

Our Woodlands Breakfast Club is now open 5 mornings a week, please call the school Office if you’d like some information.

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