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Sports Matters Spring 2018


See all the up to date information and Sports Reports that the children have written.

Here we are hoola hooping for Sports relief, enjoying the afterschool Skills & drills club, dancing linked to our Space topic, enjoying competing in the Athletics finals which was a first for Eyam! and getting through to the High-fives finals too – another proud moment.


Just a little reminder to have a look at these articles which we put on the Sports pages

A thank you form our friends in Burkina Faso


We received a wonderful series of photos from our link school – they have bought a GIANT rocking horse with the children’s Christmas donation!


‘The Christmas gift that Eyam school kindly sent was spent on a rocking horse for the pre school (Maternelle) children and on food for the primary school lunches.
We recently showed the power point on food that you had sent several months ago. 
They were fascinated by what they saw, and the children and teachers are getting some pictures and explanations of local food ready for you. Thank you!

Greetings to the children and staff at Eyam primary school!’

What’s under our feet?



We are lucky enough to have a large playing field at Eyam CE Primary – so here we are digging it up!


You can see us exploring our local history with an archaeological dig in the school field! This was brought alive by the range of finds at each level of the pit – we excavated bones, pipes and shoe heels! Our Stone Age topic has been a hit with both staff and pupils as we considered how the countryside could have looked 5000 years BC.

The PTFA also funded an Archaeology day where the children excavated a range of finds and, working in cross phase groups, wrote labels for each find. Everyone made clay pots using a thumb technique. In our recent Ofsted inspection learning – Owl class then wrote a story about falling through time into the Stone Age and how it would feel to arrive in that long ago time.




Celebrating a Centenary


Did you know that its 100 years since the local Boot and Shoemakers Strike in 1918 that demanded fair wages for the families of Stoney and Eyam?

We’ve been learning all about the local event and joined the village on Saturday 14th April along with the Castleton Silver Band and local residents to re-enact the march.

We were very proud of the children who took part in the acting, singing, marching and then performing the poem in the church in Stoney. You can see the banners that have a pair of feet for every child at school and were proudly carried all the way from Eyam down to Stoney along Mill Lane.  They had all taken the time to get dressed in period costume and were a super addition to the adults who took part – well done everyone was impressed by your mature behaviour and especially the poetry. Thank you to Mrs Brunt for your wonderful choreography. This is a piece of your heritage children and we hope you enjoyed taking part! For anyone wanting to read more about that period of time the book ‘Tunes on a Penny Whistle’ by Doris E Coates.

Fair for families Fair for friends


Everyone here knows about how important it is to consider buying fair trade good where possible – may be even some of you received FT Easter goodies this year?


The Hedgehogs have been finding out where their food comes from and just how far some of it travels to reach our homes.

Squirrels learnt about football manufacture and how complex the processes are as well as which countries made parts of each ball. They wrote to the local secondary schools to ask if they would consider buying FT footballs.

Owl children took their learning to our Easter service and explained the effects of FT sales on the farming families which really made us think how much we can help by buying Fair Trade.   

Last year the children undertook a survey of staff and children and we decided to look in the staffroom cupboards – this year we are still buying fairly traded tea, coffee, sugar – are you?

Finally we ran a Fair Trade break – healthy snacks at play time for everyone to enjoy.





Celebrating Mothering


At Eyam we think about those who have looked after us as we grow up and say a huge THANKYOU for all they do for us – this might be an Auntie or a Grandma as well as a Mother or family friend.

A lot of love went into these themed hooters!

Using fresh spring flowers and looking at the concept of still life paintings.


Hedgehogs showed great determination and patience and look what a wonderful result! Thank you to the team of magic helpers that we sneaked in to help with those tricky stitches!

Cosy reading in PJs – despite the snow!


The team at Eyam had put World Book Day on hold due to the snow but nothing puts a stop to reading here and so a week or so later we decided that PJs were the order of the day.

We celebrated World Book Day with a whole school shared read.


We welcomed Angie Cottle (creative writer and drama workshop leader) into school, who introduced us to ‘Finding Words’ a project about words that are being lost from our language and dictionaries. She read from her book and invited the children to take part. ………….. some of our entries will be in a future post so look out for them.

The children then went off and used the ideas about drawing they had learnt with Martin Olsson, the Illustrator.

 Leading the way into reading – despite the snow! 

Daring to draw


All the children enjoyed illustrating workshops with Martin Olsson. On his website he say, ‘By a combination of drawing challenges and games Martin will inspire the children (and hopefully the teachers too!) to have a go at the often simple ways we can make drawings come to life.’  There are lots of inspiring ideas on his website

Michael and the children shared the poetry written by Andy Toose, a local poet who we have met at school at a poetry workshop 2 years ago.

Using the poems he showed the children how to draw faces – they all worked hard and showed their determination to create some really good images – you will be able to see these around school as we’ve then used them as part of our work on the Stone age!

‘We learnt a new style of drawing,’ ‘he was very friendly and it was fun,’  ‘instead of drawing being flat he helped us bring it to life – it became 3D.’


Wide eyed at Bridgewater Hall


Owl class have been learning to play the violin through the Wider Opportunities Programme. All the Owls fluttered off to Manchester last week to watch a concert by the Halle Orchestra which took place in Bridgewater Hall.

They were wowed by the hall as well as the music and came back inspired and full of information about how music paints a picture, just how dramatic music can be – they even used scratch and sniff cards to smell the jungle! A huge screen at the back projected pictures which linked to the music as well as showing close ups of each instrument in the Orchestra.  The class also joined in with a song – called Earth Sea and Sky which we will be singing in the Easter Service.

Thank you to the PTFA for making a contribution to this new adventure. We plan for next years Y3 and Y4 to learn an instrument so get ready Y2s!

Here are Owls Class at the recent performance in school

  Just look at the concentration and pride!  


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